Public Docs

Public Docs allow you to share Docs with anyone!

Any Doc in Shortcut can be turned into a view-only Public Doc with just one click. Once a Doc is made public, the link can be shared with anyone inside or outside of your Workspace. 

Public Docs are not available during Trial or in the Free plan. Upgrade your Plan to gain access to Public Docs.

How to make a Doc public

In the Share settings in the upper right corner of the Doc editor, simply enable the Public Link option:


Anyone in the workspace can make a Doc public if they have access to the Doc. To restrict access to a Doc, see the Permissions section in our Docs Overview article.

An example of a Doc that has been made public:


This is a Shortcut Public Doc!

Changes you make to your Doc will be synced to the public version instantly, but the Doc must be refreshed if the changes occurred after it was loaded.


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