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The Backlog in Shortcut is a new page designed to help you better sort, manage and prioritize work before it properly makes its way into a Workflow. 

The Backlog page in Shortcut will enable users to: 

  • See un-planned/new/under-defined Stories separately from active work
  • Have confidence that the work they are scheduling from the backlog is ready
  • Make it easy for everyone in your organization to locate where Backlog items are in Shortcut

Workflow State Settings

  • Workflows State settings page - the ability to add Backlog states (before Unstarted)

Get Started with Backlog

Admins and Owners can go to the Workflow State Settings Page to add Backlog workflow states to existing workflows. You can also create a new workflow that is dedicated to your Backlog process by creating a new workflow and adding only Backlog states.



Add Stories to a Backlog

Create a Story and select a Backlog Workflow State. Any Story in a Backlog Workflow State will appear on the Backlog Page.

View your Backlog

Go to the Backlog page to search, or filter by 

  • Story Type
  • Team
  • Owner
  • Epics
  • Labels

Organize your Backlog

Drag and drop Stories up or down in priority order, assign owners, apply labels, and add additional metadata with Advanced Custom Fields.

Schedule work from your Backlog

Assign work to an iteration in-line through the table (or with the bulk edit - coming soon!)

How do I give feedback?

Please share any feedback in our backlog-beta channel in Discord 



Q: Can anyone access and use the Backlog? 

A: Yes, members, owners, and admins can all interact with, and assign Stories to the Backlog. Observers have a read-only view of Backlog. 


Q: Who can add a Backlog state to a workflow? 

A: Only Admins and Owners in your organization can add a Backlog state to a workflow. 


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