Notion Integration

Notion Integration Preview


  • Transforms Story, Epic, Objective, Iteration, and Doc URLs into preview badges when pasted into a Notion Page
  • Includes entity name, status, ID, last activity, Team assignment, and Owner in Preview Badges
  • Automatically updates linked entities if changes are performed in Shortcut
  • Provides users with the option to connect the Notion Workspace to individual Shortcut Workspaces

Setting up the Notion <> Shortcut Integration:

Connecting Shortcut and Notion can be done via Notion's end or through the integration panel in Shortcut.

To connect additional Workspaces, please navigate to Settings & members > My Connections in Notion and select the ellipsis (...) next to the established connection.

  • You can simply paste a URL to a Shortcut entity within a Notion Page which will prompt you to authorize the connection.


    Notion Integration Authorization


    The connection can also be set up by navigating to Notion's settings (Settings & members > My Connections > Shortcut):

    Notion Connection Settings

  • You can navigate to Integrations > Notion to connect the Shortcut Workspace to the Notion Workspace

    Notion Integration in Shortcut

Once the connection is prompted, you can choose which Shortcut Workspace to connect to the Notion Workspace:

Workspace Selection

Live Preview Badges in Notion:

When pasting a URL from Shortcut into Notion, you'll have the option of either creating a full preview, a minimal mention, or pasting the plain URL.

Link options

Removing the Shortcut <> Notion connection:

The Shortcut <> Notion connection can be removed directly from Notion or through the integration panel in Shortcut.

  • Navigate to Settings & Members > My Connections where you can remove specific Workspace connections


    Notion Settings


  • Navigate to Integrations > Notion to remove the Workspace connection

    Shortcut Settings for Notion


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