Automations do the busy work so you can focus on the work you love. Our Automations help teams automate repetitive tasks when it comes to managing Iterations and Epics so you can spend more time on high-value work like strategy and creative thinking. Read on to see how Automations work in Shortcut!

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Automation For Epics

Auto Start Epic

When switched on, stories being moved from 'Not Started' to 'Started' will automatically move the Epic to 'In Development'.

Auto Complete Epic

When switched on, all stories being moved to a 'Done' state will automatically move the Epic State to 'Done'.

Step 1: Select the Epic WF states
Step 2: Toggle "Enabled"
Step 3: Save Changes

How to "Disable" an automation for Epics:
Step 1: Disable the toggle
Step 2: Save changes

Changes to Epic Automations affect the entire workspace.

Automation for Iterations

Auto-Create Iterations

Ensure your Team is using Iterations! Have at least one Iteration "started", once an Iteration completes the automation will take care of the rest!

Step 1: Select the Team you want to enable the Iteration automation
Step 2: Select duration, number of Iterations you want to be populated at any given time, and Iteration start date
Step 3: Save changes

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  • Iterations Created = Number of future Iterations you would like to have at any given time
  • Length [x] weeks = Length of the Iteration (by 7-day weeks, including any weekend/non-working days)
  • Starting on [day] = the day of the week the Iteration will start on

Iterations generated by Shortcut Automations will have the title "{Team Name}: Week N-N, {Year}" (N = Nth week of the year). You can change the name of Iterations generated by Shortcut Automations after the creation of an Iteration, that will not impact how the Automation functions!

Auto-Move Stories to the Next Iteration

Step 1: Select Team you want to enable the iteration automation
Step 2: Save changes

How to "Remove" an Automation for Iterations:

Step 1: Click "x"
Step 2: Confirm
Step 3: Save Changes

How to "Disable" an automation for Iterations:
Step 1: Disable the toggle
Step 2: Save changes

Changes to Iteration Automations are specific to each Team.


  • Can I enable the automation to auto-move stories to the next Iteration without enabling the automation to pre-populate future Iterations?

    • Yes, just make sure you have a future Iteration created before your current Iteration ends.
  • I enabled Iteration automation for my Team but how come I don't see future Iterations populated in Shortcut?

    • Make sure you have at least one Iteration for your Team, once that Iteration completes, future Iterations will populate ✨
  • We don't run Iterations by Team, can I still use the automations for Iterations?

    • We recommend using Teams to best set up your Workspace, however, all you need is one Team in your Workspace (for Ownership purposes) to enable the automation

If you are interested, you can also read more about this release in our Blog Post on Automations.


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