The Curated Roadmap

The new Curated Roadmap offers a new, unique way to plan and share your product planning close to, and synced with the work that's happening all in a convenient Table View. 

Organized by Teams, and structured via Epics the Table view is a new flexible way to curate what's in progress, upcoming, and being planned. Use scheduled or unscheduled Epics to showcase teams' product strategies. 

Using the Curated Roadmap you can:

  • Create an engaging, dynamic view of your product planning
  • Plan and prioritize with views that stay up-to-date as your team completes work
  • Help teams async communicate Roadmap progress, status, and reflect their teams' focus

Building your Roadmap

Epic Actions

The Table view option is the new default page when clicking Roadmap from the navigation. This view displays Epics grouped by Teams.

  • All non-archived Teams in your Shortcut Workspace will be automatically added to the Roadmap.
  • Begin building your Roadmap using the Add Epics option in each grouping.
    • If an Epic is not assigned to the Team, that Epic can still be added to that grouping to help craft cross-collaborative team roadmaps.

Up to 40 Epics can be added to each team grouping. If you add more than 40, the 41st+ will not show up. 

Customizing what you see on the Tableview

To keep the Roadmap view focused, we've highlighted important planning details from across Shortcut to be shown on the Roadmap this includes:

  • Epic Details (ID, Name, State, Dates, and Labels)
  • Epic Progress
  • Teams and Owners to understand at a glance who's accountable for what 
  • Related Docs
  • Associated Objectives to understand what Epics are associated with which goal/release

To support flexibility and encourage various use cases, columns can still be customized based on your preferences of what's shown/their placement in the table via the Display toggle

  • The specific columns can be toggled on/off 
  • The ordering of which column appears in what order across the table can be moved

Epic Health

Unique to Roadmaps, you can add a new Health status with a contextual comment to indicate what is On Track, Off Track, At Risk, or No Health.

This new option quickly signals to anyone viewing the Roadmap where things are at and if there's anything that needs to be discussed and engaged with. 

Epic Health


Click on the Health to add a status. You can also add a comment explaining the status update.

Update Epic Health

Filtering the Roadmap

Roadmap Page Filters

Use filters for various combinations of views once your Roadmap is created to get important snapshots of focused information. 

Table view filters are separate from Timeline views, and all existing Timeline Roadmap URLs/filters will remain the same if you've saved bookmarks of important views! Table view filters are retained so you can navigate away from the Roadmap Page and return to your selected filters.

Filter Function Best Used For

Will display all Epics that are Team assigned across all groupings. An Epic can be added to another Team's group even if they're not directly assigned to the Team.

  • i.e. "Show me all Epics directly assigned to Team X"

Will show all Epics within the Team grouping that matches the filter selected.

  • i.e. "Show me all of X Team's Epics"

Narrowing down your Roadmap to a Team view, or to see the Roadmap for a select handful of Teams.

Identify Epics that are co-owned across multiple teams. As Epics can be added to any Team's groupings on the Roadmap, you can see which Teams are co-owning initiatives and understand their progress in a single view.

Epic States Filters list of Epics by selected Epic States. Focus-in on a specific stage of work on the Roadmap to get at-a-glance views and encourage discussions about the various stages of planning.
Health Filter the Roadmap by Health status on the Epic. Check-in on blockers or things at risk in a more focused view for Epics on the Roadmap. Or, highlight what is on track and celebrate with the Team to focus on what will be delivered.


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