How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are great for power users who don’t want to take their hands off the keyboard to get around and complete actions! Don't be overwhelmed by the list below, you can pull this up anytime by hitting ? anywhere in the app, and you'll be reminded of the shortcuts in Power Bar! Soon, you'll by flying around Shortcut with only your keyboard!


cmd/ctrl + k Open Command Palette
? Show Keyboard Shortcuts
f Toggle Fullscreen Mode


n Add new Story
shift + n Add new Story from Template


g then d Go to Home
g then s Go to Stories
g then e Go to Epics
g then i Go to Iterations
g then b Go to Backlog
g then l Go to Labels
g then o Go to Objectives
g then r Go to Reports
g then space Go to advanced story search

Stories Page

t Open Story Template menu
cmd + shift + ↑ or ctrl + shift + ↑ Move a Story to the top of the list
cmd + shift + ↓ or ctrl + shift + ↓ Move a Story to the bottom of the list
d then 1 Select "Title only" Story density view
d then 2 Select "Minimal" Story density view
d then 3 Select "Standard" Story density view
d then 4 Select "Jumbo" Story density view

Story Dialog

i Add/remove yourself as an owner of the current Story
f Follow/unfollow the current Story
cmd + enter or ctrl + enter Save a Story description or comment
shift + A Archive Story
shift + D Delete Story (that was already archived)

Epic View

n Add new Story in the current Epic 
cmd/ctrl + enter Save changes


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