Shortcut API Tokens

You can use a Shortcut API token to use our existing integrations or create your own.

Generating a Shortcut API Token

In order to generate a Workspace-specific API token, navigate to Settings > Your Account > API Tokens.

Add a name for the token and click Generate Token. The Generate Token button will be greyed out until a name is added.

API Tokens are both user and Workspace-specific. If the user account that created the API token were to be removed from the Workspace, that API token would not work as expected. Please contact for more assistance if you feel this will impact your Organization's API needs.

Deleting a Shortcut API Token

You can delete tokens you no longer need by navigating to this page and clicking on the garbage can icon next to the token.

Security reminders

Tokens provide complete access to your Shortcut Workspace; keep them secure.

Don’t paste them into your source code, even for test accounts. Take the time to set up an environment variable and get in the habit of using it.

For security reasons, we will immediately invalidate any tokens we find have been made public.


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