How do I view an invoice or receipt?

Shortcut Owners can view and download a PDF of their billing invoice from the Invoices tab within the Billing section of their account's Workspace Settings.

Can I upgrade to the Team or Business Plan with less than 10 users to utilize paid features?

Yes! We allow manual plan selection, so you can upgrade at any point to access even more features!

Are users counted per Organization or per Workspace for billing?

In Shortcut, we count users at the Organization level. This means that you are billed for the total number of users in your Organization, regardless of how many Workspaces they are members of. If you have more than one Organization, you are billed for the total number of users in each Organization.

Are Observers counted as billable users?

Nope! Observers are considered free users on the Team, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Observers and Members are not available for Free plan accounts.

Some of our teammates aren’t using Shortcut, do we still have to pay for them?

Yes. You will be billed for teammates who are enrolled in your Organization as active (or enabled) users or that have unused invitations, since we bill your Organization according to the total number of users it has in it. 

You can manage user roles and invites in Settings > Workspace > User Directory or in the Manage Organizations and Workspaces Dashboard. We recommend that you periodically review your User Directory and either disable inactive users or convert them to Observers (in other words, neither disabled users or Observers are counted as billable users, so you won't be charged for them). You can delete unused invites there as well.

Note: active invites are counted as billable users as well. 

Are we billed for user invitations?

Yes, Shortcut creates the “seat” for a teammate to fill when the invitation is sent, so we count an invitation as a billable user. We recommend that you regularly review your User Directory or Manage Organizations and Workspaces Dashboard for unused invitations and delete any outstanding ones so that you can avoid being charged for teammates who aren’t using Shortcut.

Can we get a refund for charges we received for inactive users and unused invitations?

No, we don’t offer refunds for charges arising from inactive users and unused invitations.

We want to cancel our subscription. Can we get a refund?

No, we don’t offer refunds for canceled subscriptions.

Where can I find the number of billable users and invites in my Organization?

To find the number of billable users and invites in your Organization, navigate to the Manage Organization and Workspaces Dashboard (click on your company's logo in the upper left corner, then click on View All Workspaces). Once there, click on Manage Organization and Workspaces.

    • At the top of the first column in the table, you'll find the total number of billable users and invites in your Organization (the number will be larger and bolded).
    • You’ll also see a list of all the users in your Organization. Active Billable Users (Admins, Owners and Members) are shown in bold. Non-Billable Users (Disabled or Observers) are shown in italic.

To see a view of how many invitations you have in your Organization, when you are in a Workspace click on Settings > Workspace Settings > User Directory. This will give you a list of all active users, invitations, and disabled users.

Will we be switched to the Free Plan if our Organization’s user count drops to 10 or fewer users?

No. We will continually check and adjust your plan based on your current users, but you'll need to manually change from any paid plan to a Free plan if you are at 10 users or less.

If your move to Free occurs in the middle of a billing cycle, your switch to the Free Plan will be effective at the start of your next monthly or annual billing cycle. 

What happens when my Organization moves from the Free Plan to a Team or Business Plan? Are the first 10 users free?

No. You can upgrade to the Team or Business plan with any number of users, and you will be asked to enter a Credit Card information as a last step to switch to a paid plan, which is charged per user. 

What happens if I add or remove a user mid-month or mid-year during the course of my billing cycle? 

If you add a user, you will be charged a prorated amount for that user according to the amount of time left in your billing cycle, whether it’s monthly or annual. That prorated charge will hit your credit card on your account's monthly billing date. 

If you remove a user, you will have an open seat that is active for you to fill until the end of your current billing cycle. If you do not fill the seat, your user count will drop effective on your next billing cycle date. 

Are there any Free Plan storage limitations?

We do not offer unlimited storage for the Free Plan. However, we have not set an overall storage cap for any of our plan offerings because we want to provide the most value to our customers. In return of not setting a storage cap, we ask that our customers do not abuse our platform and use it as a file storage system. If we discover that you’re abusing our system, we will flag your account and disable at our discretion.

We do limit the size of attachments uploaded from a computer to Shortcut to 50MB. However, we don’t impose any size limits to attachments uploaded from a cloud storage service, so if you have a Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box account, you should be able to attach large files from there.