Importing data from Pivotal Tracker to Shortcut

To make it easier to move data from Pivotal Tracker to Shortcut, we built an MIT-licensed open source import tool that customers can modify to get their data into Shortcut, leveraging our API. 

Before you begin

Please be aware that this is alpha software. Not only is not guaranteed to be without bugs, but it is under active development and has several known feature gaps to be filled before we consider it complete.

Getting Started

In order to run our importer, you will require a Pivotal account and the ability to sign up for a Shortcut account, as well as a working internet connection.

Sign up for a Shortcut account

  • NOTE: Do not run this importer against an existing Shortcut workspace that already has data you wish to keep.

Access the project via GitHub, start with the README and get started moving to Shortcut today!


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