Setting Up Zapier Integrations

The Shortcut Zapier integration currently allows you to create Shortcut stories from a defined Zapier Trigger. Follow these instructions to set up the integration:

 Linking Shortcut App to Zapier

In Shortcut, navigate Settings > API Tokens and create a token for the Zapier integration. Copy this token.

Creating a Clubhouse API Token


Go to your Zapier dashboard, and navigate to the My App section. Click the Add Connection Button in the upper right and search for Shortcut.





You will then be asked to enter the API token from the Shortcut Workspace. Paste the token copied in step 1 here:



After this, you should see the Shortcut app linked to your Zapier account:mceclip0.png


Make a Zap with the Shortcut App

Click the "Make a Zap!" button on the top right corner. You'll need to set up a "Trigger" and an "Action", which is currently only scoped to creating a new Shortcut Story.



Here's an example Trigger using Gmail:

Example Zapier Trigger with Gmail

After you select the source trigger app and the desired event, you'll move to step 2 and choose the Shortcut app:



You'll be able to format your created Stories however you want. Story Name and Workflow are the only required fields but you may also choose to specify Teams, Epics, add a description and choose story type, etc. 

Once completed, you will be prompted to Test & Continue the Zap.

This test should have successfully created a story via Zapier. Go on check it out on Shortcut!

Lastly, we now need to turn on this zap so that this happens automatically. Simply click on Retest & Continue after the test has been performed:



This will now take you to the screen to turn on the Zap!






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