Filtering the Stories Page

There are two main ways to filter the stories on the Story page.  This can be done via Standard Filters and Quick Filters.


Standard Filters

Standard filters in Shortcut are all entity items the Story page can be filtered by. This includes things like Teams, Iterations, Epics, and Custom Fields. Selections of these can be made by expanding the available filters dropdown and clicking on their respective checkbox.



To select just one, you can hover over it and select Only from the context menu.


To show or hide all items in a section, click the drop-down next to the section name and click All or None


By default, Shortcut will only display unfinished Epics in an expanded view.  To change the list of visible Epics on the Stories page click the three dots by hovering over the Epics section:


Quick Filters

Quick filters are filters not based on entities such as Teams or Epics, but rather keywords, labels, workstreams, etc. These quick filters can be mixed and matched and used in conjunction with the Standard filters.

Click Add Quick Filters to get started: 


You can filter across many different fields and attributes:


Filter Logic

You can change between using `AND` based filters or `OR` based filters after you've chosen your first quick filter.


Exclude Filters

If you wish to exclude a term or filter from affecting the board, locate the filter and then hover over it and select "Inverse"; you will then only be presented with Stories that exclude that filter. 






Once you create a filtered view that you know you'll want to return to, you can save it as a Space. For more on Spaces, see: What Are Spaces


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