What is the Status page?

The Status Page is where you can get a full overview of all the people in your Workspace and their assigned stories.


The Status page displays all Unstarted, Started, and Recently Done (completed within the last business day) Stories by the Owner. This page is useful for seeing what everyone is working on right now and planning to work on next. The Stories view works best for smaller teams and filtered views, and the Compact view provides a higher-level view for larger teams.

Some things that might not be immediately obvious about this page:

  • The icon tells you the type of Story:

StatuspageWrench.pngThe Wrench icon is for a Chore

StatuspageFeature.pngThe Sun icon is for a Feature

StatuspageBug.pngThe Bug icon is for a Bug

  • The left border color next to the icon will change based on the View Settings applied on the Stories page.



Want to see the Status page in action? Explore our Sample Workspace, which contains pre-filled information that will allow you to see how it all works together. Access it by clicking on the Graduation Hat icon (Shortcut Learning) in the top right of the UI > Sample Workspace.


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