Filtering the Epics Page

The Epics page offers two different views, Table and Column, and a number of different ways to filter down to a view that captures what matters to you most.


The Epics Page in Table View

The Epics Page in Column View

In both views, you can:

Filtering on Epic pages.gif

  • Filter by Epic Name
  • Filter for only Epics with specific Owners or those with no Owner at all
  • Filter for only those Epics in one or multiple Workflow States
  • Filter to only see Epics in one or multiple Objectives, or no Objective at all
  • Filter to see only those Epics with one or multiple Labels
  • You can click Clear Filters to quickly remove all filters and view all Epics.
  • You can also show and hide Archived Epics.
  • You can show and hide Epics Associated with other Teams. 

Additionally, in Table view, you can group the Epics by Objective, Epic State, or Team:




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