Shared Spaces


Shared Spaces are represented by a special icon and are hidden by default. However, they are accessible by everyone in your Shortcut Workspace. They can be revealed and enabled in your Stories page by clicking on the Spaces menu and selecting which Space you want to appear on your Stories sidebar.

Hidden Shared Spaces are only hidden in your Shortcut, not globally. If you want to retract a Shared Space that you own, you can unshare it.

Shared Spaces can only be modified, unshared, or deleted by the Space creator or an Admin.

Exposing and Sharing Spaces


Shared Spaces are hidden by default, but are accessible by everyone in your Shortcut Workspace. Shared Spaces are in their own section and also have a special icon indicating that they are shared.  

Shared Spaces are discoverable to anyone in your Workspace, but if you wish, you can navigate to that Space and copy the URL to send it directly to colleagues.

To rename, modify, unshare, or delete a Shared Space, hover over the Space and click on the ‘...’ More Actions menu. Please note that you must be the Space creator or an Workspace Admin to modify a Shared Space.



If you unshare or delete a Shared Space that you did not create, you won't be able to reshare it. However, you can undo a Space modification by clicking the Undo button in the success message on the bottom right hand of the screen. You will only have a short window in which to do this.



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