The Shortcut Nonprofit Plan

Shortcut is honored to extend a full membership at no cost to eligible Nonprofit organizations as thanks for the hard work your team does to make the world a better place. 


We welcome applications from organizations that hold a valid charitable status with either the IRS (in the United States) or a local tax service/charity commission, and that meet the following eligibility requirements

We ask that the following criteria be considered when applying: 

  • Is not a legislative or political activity organization

  • Is not a church, association of churches, or other religious or evangelical organization

  • Is not a school, college, or related organization

  • Is not an organization that attempts to influence public opinion

  • Is not a hospital, organization involved with health insurance or group health plans, or related organization

  • Is not a private grant-making, independent, or operating foundation

  • Does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression

  • Does not promote a particular religious affiliation, dogma, or doctrine as part of its mission or in exchange for its services (being affiliated with a religious organization is not in itself disqualifying - see note below)

Note: If you feel your organization closely matches these requirements but aren't sure, please complete the application for consideration. Our support team will assist in verifying your status and is always happy to help. 

Ready to apply?

Organization Owners can submit a Shortcut for Nonprofits application here. If your organization is not already using Shortcut, please take a moment to create a team. Please also be prepared to provide your organization's legal name, address, website, and a brief description of your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted my application. What comes next?

Our team will review and validate your submitted nonprofit and charity status and documentation carefully. We'll reach out with the determination, though please let us know if you haven't heard back within 5 business days of submitting your application. 

How fast will I receive my Nonprofit billing status if approved?

If you have been approved, your billing status will be updated within three days of receiving confirmation. 

Am I eligible for a refund for charges before I was accepted into Shortcut for Nonprofit?

We do not offer refunds for any subscription fees paid prior to being approved for Shortcut Nonprofit status. 

Can you grant Shortcut for Nonprofit status to my other Organizations as well?

At this time we can only extend one free/discounted Shortcut per qualifying organization.

Can I reapply if I wasn't approved?

If your team is not approved, you’re welcome to apply in the future should the charitable status of your organization change. 


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