What is an Objective?

Create goals, align Teams, and connect individual projects to company objectives. Now, not only can you roll-up work across multiple Teams in a tactical way using Objectives, you can also begin to track outcomes and impact using key results. 

Manage end-to-end planning cycles with new capabilities to track company Objectives directly in Shortcut and align the work teams are doing to directly impact those goals.


Summary Highlights:

  • Two objective types: Tactical and Strategic. 
    • All existing previous Milestones have been converted to Tactical Objectives, for planning more release-based, Epic driven work. 
    • Strategic Objectives introduces a new Key Result functionality that allows you to track outcomes and targets, aligning Epics either directly to the Objective or to a Key Result
  • Assign Owners and Teams directly to Objectives.
  • Assign an Epic to more than one Objective (previously limited to 1 Milestone)
  • New UI for the detail/management page that gives first-class treatment to Objectives to differentiate them and elevate their purpose in Shortcut.
  • Streamlined create Objective experience that explicitly lets you assign Epics directly during creation.

Tactical Objectives are available to all Organizations. However, Strategic Objectives are available on our Business and Enterprise Plans only.



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