Why Shortcut is Different

Other project management tools are laser-focused on output: creating tickets, managing them on a board, running them through sprints, and so on. They focus teams on execution, but completely neglect strategy. There's nothing tying the development work back to the company's objectives and goals. This misalignment leads to delayed launches, wasted engineering effort, and missed targets. 

Most organizations try to address this by creating OKRs, but the truth is that these objectives are almost always forgotten or worse, ignored. It's not really anyone's fault. The objectives live in one place while the actual development work lives in another - the two are disconnected. 

This can lead to misalignment and cause leadership to lose confidence in the teams building the products, while simultaneously causing those building the products to lose sight of how their work meets the needs of their customers and the business. 

Shortcut is the only project management tool that let's you connect your company's Objectives (and Key Results) with your team's development work, together in one place. We call this Objective-Focused Development, a new methodology that we've spent years researching and developing.  

It's a fresh new approach to building products - one that addresses one of the biggest pain points in product development: ensuring everyone in the organization is aligned and driving towards the right objectives. We're excited to have you try it out.




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