2. Set up Your Teams

Teams should be roughly 8-12 people. A team can be thought of as a group working towards a common goal. Any member of your org can also be a member of more than one team.

Here are two types of teams that should be somewhat familiar to you:

  • Team type 1: Cross-Functional Squad
    • These Teams are made up of some combination of design, engineering, and product. Teams such as Growth, Core, or Integrations.
    • This is what the majority of your Teams will be.
  • Team type 2: Functional Squad
    • These Teams would be based more on the functional group such as Product or Engineering
    • Example: A Product Team with all the Product Managers and this Team is used to manage product backlog.
    • While these functional teams do have use cases they will be less commonly used. When you think of the large size an engineering team can be even at a medium-sized organization, this alone wouldn’t be a good structure for organization.

Read more about teams here.


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