New Stories Page Beta


Step into the extraordinary evolution of Shortcut! Behold, the all-new Stories page that not only redefines speed but also seamlessly merges Spaces (boards) with an advanced filtering system. Brace yourself for an unparalleled experience as the new Stories page catapults your productivity with speeds that surge ahead!


But that's not all – now, the power to curate your Spaces list rests at your fingertips, add and sort Spaces as tabs at the top of your board. And with our new filtering system, board management reaches new heights of efficiency with more horizontal space in your view.  And now, every space, including those we've created for you ("pre-made"), can be tailored to your workspace's preference.


Overall, the new Stories Page unlocks:

  • Up to 10X speeds loading the Stories Page and navigating between Spaces 🙌
  • Instant time to interact with story modals that render over the Stories page
  • Manage your list of Spaces using tabs at the top of your stories page
  • Filter spaces in a unified experience at the top of your board to reliably adjust the visible stories 
  • Edit all your personal spaces, even "pre-made" spaces from Shortcut (edit, copy, delete, hide, any of your personal spaces)


How to Opt-Into our Beta

To opt into early access (just for your own instance), click the switch at the top of your Stories page! Don't worry, you can return to the original stories page and none of your original spaces will be lost!

Looking to enable the new page for your entire org? Reach out to us! We will put your org on our shortlist once we release the page at the org level. 


Managing Spaces: Pre-Made, Personal, Shared

Managing your Spaces Menu

Curate your Spaces menu using tabs at the top of the Stories Page

  • Add spaces to your menu (new or existing) using the "+" to the right of your last Space tab
  • Drag and drop your space tabs to sort your list of Spaces 
  • 💡 Looking for your Spaces from the original page? They're all in your Spaces menu! Now you can search all the Spaces in the workspace from the Space menu by clicking the "+". Take this opportunity to tidy up your Space list!

Making changes to Spaces in the new Page

⚠️ Any changes you make to shared Spaces in the new page will not be visible to users you are on the original page. If you create a new Space on the new page, your teammates will need to access that Space on the new page as well. If you need a Space in the new page reverted to its original state (when you first visited the new page), reach out to support.


"My Spaces" vs. "Global Spaces"

Space Type Who Can View this Space? Who Can Edit this Space?
My Spaces Only you Only you
Global Spaces Anyone in your Workspace Admins and Owners
"Pre-made" Global Spaces (Shortcut Icon) Anyone in your Workspace Admins and Owners
"Pre-made" Team Spaces (Team Icon) Anyone in your Workspace on Team-Scoped Stories Page Admins and Owners


Editing and Deleting Your Spaces

Edit your Space via the drop-down menu next to the "Save" or "Save As" button on your Space. 

Undo your recent changes 

Edit your space to change the name or share/make your space private

Delete your space 



Space Migration

  • All of your Spaces from your original Stories page should be accessible on the new page
    • ⚠️ Once you save changes to your Space on the new page, that space is the source of truth and those changes will not be applied to the corresponding Space from your original Stories page. You can still access your original Stories page during the Early Access program
  • ❗️You will lose access to your Spaces on your original Stories page when the new Stories Page is released to your Org (without a beta switch to return to the original page) on a rolling basis. Your team will be notified before we conclude our beta program.
  • If you are noticing issues with any of your migrated Spaces, or you need to re-set a space you changed in the new page, please reach out to Support.


Add Filters, Remove Filters at the top of the Page

Select your filter type by clicking "Add Filter" from the dropdown menu >> select your values in the filter pill

To remove filter types, click the "x" to remove the pill, to remove specific values, click into the filter type and de-select the values in the drop-down


Filter Operators, Quick Filters

Filter Type Function
Filter Category Multi-Select, Select the filter category to filter specific values within that category
Operators Select "is any" to show all stories that meet that criteria, Select "is not any" to show the inverse of the selection
Quick Filter (Boolean) True/False, Filter values 
Search Filter String, Filter Stories by search term (formerly Keyword filter)



Add "Matches Any" Group

You can add a "Matches Any" group in addition to the default "Matches All" group of filters. Filters added in the "Matches Any" group ("Or") will show all stories that meet any of the selected filter values.

2024-03-04 09.57.13.gif


Tip: User the "Matches Any" group to filter your view by multiple owners and run team meetings (like Stand Up) in one Space!

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 9.56.19 AM.png


Preview of what we're continuing to add in the coming weeks!

We are working on releasing more functionality on the new Stories Page!

  • Table View: View your spaces in table view with quicker load times
  • Create Stories in Context (Kanban)
  • Workflow State Column Tool Tips: Hover over the story count to see actual totals across all workflow states
  • Export your space as a CSV
  • 🆕 Save View Settings to your Space: Save Kanban or Table View as a setting to your Space - ensure you and others are seeing the same view!



  • Will any functionality be lost vs. the existing Stories page?
    • No, however, with our UI changes, a few workflows we hope will be simplified for you and your team! If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us!
  • When will the existing page be removed from my instance of Shortcut?
    • Release of the new Stories Page (without access to the original page) will begin later Q2 2024.
  • What will happen to all my Spaces when the original page is removed from my instance?
    • All Spaces that were available at the point you were given access to the new Stories Page will remain there after the original page is removed from your workspace
  • I want my team/workspace/org to have access to this page without the option to navigate back NOW - can I make that happen?
    • Reach out to us! 


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