3. Set up Workflows and Connect Teams

A Workflow is a group of workflow states (i.e. columns in a kanban board) that lets you control how Stories move from step to step. You can set and customize workflows and workflow states and assign them to your teams.

These workflows enable you to accurately measure cycle time. See more about cycle time in our article on reporting.



You can create a new Workflow by navigating to Settings > Workflows and using the Workflow wizard (i.e. Create a New Workflow). 


  • Step 1: Name and describe your new Workflow 
    • Your workspace comes with 5 default states which fall into the 4 Workflow State types (Backlog, Unstarted, Started, and Done) - learn more about how to manage, edit, or update them here.
  • Step 2: Add Teams to Workflow (optional) - You can assign Teams to a Workflow so that it appears under the Workflow field during Story Creation when the Team is selected.
  • Step 3: Select Workflow - You can select from
    • Standard Workflow (which is our sensible default for software development teams)
    • Simple (which is the minimum Workflow for the system)
    • Or you can select to model your new Workflow after an existing Workflow

Once you've created your Workflows, you can select a workflow on your Stories page to see all stories within that workflow.



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