Loom Integration

Bring Loom into Shortcut with this link preview integration. Users can paste videos from Loom to see real-time previews in markdown editors, including comments, to help explain complex ideas with pre-recorded video messages. The Loom Integration requires no set up - it should work out of the box with any shareable link from Loom.

With this integration you will be able to:

  • Embed Loom videos in Shortcut stories, comments and Docs
  • Explain complex ideas with pre-recorded video messages
  • Provide detailed explanations about design feedback

Use Cases

  • Planning:
    • Better support of planning - providing video embeds would keep product and engineering planning + work in sync
  • Communication:
    • Improve the speed at which issues are looked at by showing
  • Are you using Shortcut Docs for technical documentation? Maybe you want to be able to add explainer videos.

How it Works

Using the Loom Integration in Text Fields:
1. Copy the Loom video link using the "Copy Link" option on the Loom video page

2. Paste that link into any of these text fields in Shortcut:

  • Story description and/or comment
  • Epic description and/or comment
  • Objective description
  • Iteration description
  • Shortcut Doc (Coming soon!)
  • Project description (if applicable to your Workspace)

3. Preview or save your change - your Loom URL will show as an embedded preview of the linked design:

Loom Integration.gif

Within the embedded Loom video, you can view and enter comments, copy the URL link, or access the window in another browser window.


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