Setting Up the Rollbar Integration

Rollbar is an error monitoring, alerting, and analytics tool for for teams building software and applications. You can integrate Rollbar with Shortcut by following these steps:

Step 1: Generate an API Token

Go to your Workspace's Settings>API Tokens (under Your Account).

Name the token, and then click "Generate Token."

Copy or write down the Rollbar token for use in your Rollbar account (the token will be highlighted in yellow).


Step 2: Connect Your Rollbar and Shortcut Accounts


Log in to your Rollbar account, go to User Settings > Connected Accounts, and click on the Shortcut tab.

Enter the API token you generated in Shortcut into the API token field and save it.

Step 3: Enable the Shortcut Channel in Your Rollbar Account

To enable the Shortcut channel, go to Projects in your Rollbar account, and then click on the Rollbar project you want to connect to your Shortcut Workspace. Then click on Notifications (under Integrations in the sidebar).


Enter your Workspace name, and edit any other settings you wish to, then click "Enable Shortcut Integration."

Note: The Workspace name you enter here should match your Shortcut Workspace URL exactly. The Workspace name in Rollbar is case-sensitive, and should not contain spaces (since Shortcut URLs cannot contain spaces).


Rollbar will confirm that the integration has been enabled with a green alert message: "Shortcut integration is now set up. You can customize below."


Step 4: Configure the Settings for Your Shortcut Channel

You can now edit the Shortcut integration's Project, Epic, State, and Label settings. Click "Save Settings" when finished.


You can also add or edit Rules for the Shortcut integration.


Step 5: Test the Integration (Optional)

You can test the Shortcut integration by click on the Send Test Notification button (found next to the Enabled/Disabled switch).

Rollbar will confirm that a test story was successfully created with a green alert message: "Test story created. View in Shortcut."



Note: Our friends at Rollbar built and maintain this integration, so if it breaks, be sure to let them know!


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