Using the Zendesk Integration and External Ticket Support


With the Shortcut - Zendesk integration, you can associate Zendesk tickets to new or existing Shortcut Stories, search for Shortcut Stories, associate tickets from other help desk and bug tracker tools, and filter for views on which Shortcut Stories are linked to external tickets.

Linking Zendesk Tickets to Existing Shortcut Stories in Zendesk 


To link Zendesk tickets to existing Shortcut Stories:

  1. Click Link Existing Story in the Zendesk apps sidebar
  2. In the new dialog, search for the Shortcut Story by name or Story Number. 
  3. Once you've identified the Story you'd like to link, select by clicking, and press the Link to Story button. 
  4. Clicking on any linked Story from the Zendesk UI will take you to the Story in Shortcut.

Linking Zendesk Tickets to Shortcut Stories in Shortcut


 If you wish to link a Zendesk ticket to a Shortcut Story from the Shortcut UI:

  1. Copy the ticket URL in Zendesk
  2. Open the right Story in Shortcut
  3. Click Add External Ticket
  4. Paste the ticket URL into the empty field
  5. Click the Link to Story button

Linking Other External Tickets to Shortcut Stories 


While the integration was built to support Zendesk for now, we do also offer logo support for several other help desk and error tracking systems, when associated links are manually added to a Shortcut Story. We provide this support for the following systems: 

  • Desk
  • Figma
  • Freshdesk
  • Front
  • Helpscout
  • Intercom
  • JIRA Servicedesk
  • JIRA Projects
  • Kustomer
  • Rollbar

For all other links, we use the generic ticket icon. 

Linking Tickets to New Shortcut Stories in Zendesk 


To link Zendesk tickets to new Shortcut Stories:

  1. Click Create Story in the Zendesk apps sidebar
  2. In the new dialog, Add Story details and click Create Story

The newly created Story will be linked to the Zendesk ticket that is open.

Filtering Shortcut Stories for External Tickets 


Understanding which Stories have external tickets associated with them can better help you set priorities. To view these Stories, just open the Quick Filters menu in the Stories sidebar and then select "Has external tickets".


By default, all Story cards with Zendesk tickets will display the number of associated tickets by ticket tracker type on the outside of the card.


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