Eligibility and Participation


All users not currently on their 14-day free trial are welcome to participate in the program as referrers. Organizations you refer must be new to Shortcut (i.e., not existing users) in order for you both to be eligible for Referral Program rewards.


You can find your unique referral link within the Shortcut app in three locations: the top navigation bar, the Help and Feedback menu, and the Settings menu.

Click on the "Earn Rewards" button (or "Earn Credit" if you are your team's Shortcut account admin) in the top navigation bar to open the Referral popup, and then share across various channels using our share buttons or by copying your unique referral link.


Referral Status

You can track the status of your referrals in the Referral popup. We’ll also keep you updated by email for major referral-related events, such as when a referral signs up, when they’ve successfully paid two invoices, or if you’ve reached one of our personal reward tiers.



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