Referral Program FAQ

What is the referral program?

The referral program is an easy way to share Shortcut. It rewards your friends for trying Shortcut and you for recommending us to them.

Who can participate in the program?

Anyone who isn't currently on their 14-day free trial can be a referrer, and anyone who's not already using Shortcut can be referred.

How do I refer my friends to Shortcut?

Just share your unique referral link, which you can find within the Shortcut app in three locations: the top navigation bar, the Help and Feedback menu, and the Settings menu.

Click on the "Earn Rewards" button (or "Earn Credit" if you are your team's Shortcut account admin) in the top navigation bar to open the Referral popup, and then share across various channels using our share buttons or by copying your unique referral link.

All your friends need to do is click that link, and they'll be guided through the sign up process. Voilà, they're referred!

What is considered a successful referral?

A user new to Shortcut signs up using your unique referral link, and successfully started a trial.

If your referred friend signs up and pays two months of bills you will receive a $500 credit.

How am I personally rewarded? 

You receive individual referral rewards when a referred user starts their trial. You can see the differences between org and individual-level rewards here.

How will I receive my individual reward(s)?

Our team will reach out to you on a weekly basis about your successful referrals; however if you think we may have overlooked a referral, please contact us here. 

How is my org rewarded? 

Your org receives an account credit once a referred user has paid two consecutive invoices. As above, you can see the differences between org and individual-level rewards here.   

How will I know when I've successfully referred someone?

We’ll keep you updated by email when you’ve reached one of the individual reward tiers. The pop-up in your account will only note a referral has fully succeeded once they’ve reached a level in which your org is rewarded. You’ll still receive individual rewards regardless of how quickly this happens.  

Do any of the rewards expire?

They do not, unless otherwise noted on our rewards page. Some individual referral rewards include seasonal items and short-term raffles that are subject to change. 



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