What is the Individual Project page?

The individual Project page provides a detailed overview of a Project's work, including a table of all Stories in the Project as well as a breakdown of Story types, information on recent updates, and Project-specific reporting.

You can get to the individual Project page by clicking on its title on the Projects page.


From this page, you can also edit the Project, add additional followers, archive the Project, and change the Project description or abbreviation (used on Story cards). You can also use the Filter Stories as a search tool to surface specific Stories within the Project.

Export a CSV of all of the Stories in a Project by clicking the Export button.


The Project also includes a reports tab that features a Reports section with a Velocity Bar Chart that visualizes Stories or Story Points completed across several intervals. This chart surfaces trends about how your team has performed and highlights the average and trailing average number of Stories or Story Points completed over that time period.