The Navigational Search Bar

There is a persistent search bar throughout most of your Shortcut that we call the Navigational Search Bar. The Navigational Search Bar allows you to quickly search Stories, Epics, Milestones, Iterations, and Docs using words, phrases, and search operators. 

If you'd like to use a search operator to find a Story or Epic, you can click on one of the supplied common search operators to enter it into the search field instantly, or you can check out our Search Operators to see all of the search operators available. Also, as you type, our search will auto-suggest any operators that might match your query. 



Search results are organized into five tabs:



Search Page

If you have a long query and/or need to manipulate the results (e.g. bulk edit stories), you can access the dedicated Search Page.





The dedicated search page only surfaces Stories. At this time you cannot search for Epics, Iterations, and Milestones on this page. Please use the navigational search to look for these entities.


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