Shortcut Plan Options

We never want price to stop you or your teams from working harder, better, faster, stronger... or with more Joy. That’s why Shortcut now offers a Free Plan, forever! The Free plan is a great way to test out Shortcut, but when you’re ready to bring in more users, we have a plan for you.

We offer discounts for paying annually - you can choose to switch from monthly billing to annual billing in the Plan tab in your Billing settings. The charge for your annual plan will be processed immediately to your card on file. 

  • Everything a small team needs to ship quickly and joyfully.

    • Manage all ongoing work in Stories
    • Plan Sprints using Iterations
    • Get tailored reports for quick insights
    • Filter and view Kanban views
  • ...
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Non-profit plan

Shortcut also offers eligible organizations a free subscription to our Nonprofit Plan.


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