How do I create a new Story Template?

Story Templates are disabled by default, so an Admin or Owner will need to enable Story Templates for their Workspace. Admin and Owners can do this by going to Settings > Workspace Features > Story Templates:

To create a new Template, create a new Story. You can set any field in the Story as part of the Story Template except for Story Requester, which will always be set to you. This includes:

  • Title
  • Type
  • Description
  • Tasks
  • External Tickets
  • Attachments
  • Project
  • Epic
  • State
  • Owner(s)
  • Points
  • Due Date
  • Follower(s)
  • Label(s)

Story Relationships are not supported in Templates at this moment.

Edit each field as you would a Story, but keep in mind that anything you write or choose will appear exactly as you see it when loaded into a Story. Once you’ve completed the Template and are ready to save it, click on the arrow button next to Create Story, then select Save as New Template in the drop down menu.

You’ll be prompted to name your Template, and then you can click Save as New Template again to save it.

A success message will pop up in the lower right corner confirming that your new Template was saved, and giving you the option to create a new Story from the Template.