The Epics Page Column View

The Column View 


The Epics Page in Column View


The Column view provides a modular look at your Epics. You'll find your To Do Epics in the left column, your In Progress Epics in the middle column, and your Done Epics in the right column.

You can drag and drop Epic cards to change their priority or state, and you can also use the Actions menu in the upper right of the Epic card to archive or delete the Epic.


Elements of the Epic Card

Epic cards in the To Do and Done columns provide basic information, such as a flag icon to indicate its state, the Epic's name, and icons that allow you to follow, move, or access the Epic's basic menu.

Here are examples of a To Do Epic card (left) and a Done Epic card (right):


The In Progress Epic card displays more details:


Here you'll find a number of informational elements, including:

A visual progress bar (showing the overall state of the Stories within the Epic):


The Epic's ID number:


The Epic's due date:


The number of Stories in the Epic:


The total number of Estimated Points of the Stories in the Epic:


The number of labels (in this case, none):


When the Epic was last updated:


As well as a Follow button.


You can quickly see the owner (or owners) of the Epic:


The In Progress Epic card also gives you a graphical representation of the Stories in the Epic, organized by their workflow state:Epic_Card_Stories_and_Workflow_States.png

Hovering over the box will give you the Story type, ID, Project, workflow state, title, owner, number of points, and information about when it was last updated.


The background of each Story box tells you what type of Story it is and the color on the left border tells you which Project it belongs to.


The type icon tells you what kind of Story it is (Feature, Bug, or Chore):




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