Why does the Story activity say that "Somebody" changed my Story's workflow state?

If you linked a PR to a Story but the Story activity shows "Somebody" changed the Story's Workflow state, the email address you used for your GitHub, GitLab*, or Bitbucket account does not match the email address you used for your Shortcut account.



To correct this:

  1. Go to Settings > Your Account > Email Addresses.

  2. Add the email address you used for your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket account to your Shortcut user account using the Add Email Address field, and then click Add New Email (once this is done, additional email addresses will appear under Secondary Email Addresses).

Future PRs will display your name in the Story Activity section.

If you are using GitLab/GitHub, the email address that is shared between your Shortcut and GitLab/GitHub accounts needs to be your public email in GitLab/GitHub for our integration to be able to see it. To set that, go to Settings below your icon in the top right in GitLab and select the correct email address under Public Email.

In GitHub, navigate to Settings > Public profile to manage your public email address.


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