Managing Your Billing Details

An Organization's Owner can view or change their Organization's subscription plan, review their billing email, and add or edit the Organization's credit card by going to Settings > Workspace Settings > Billing

Overview Plan EmailCardInvoices
Here you'll see your overview, and have the option to edit or adjust any of your plan settings.

If your Organization requires additional information on Shortcut invoices, such as your company’s billing address and/or VAT, you can specify both by going to Settings > Billing > Settings and adding the information under Additional Billing Information.

Once you’ve added your Organization’s address or VAT ID, be sure to click on Update Billing Information to save it.

G Suite Users: If you're using an alias like "accounting@" or "billing@" in Google G Suite to forward receipts or invoices and your team isn't receiving those emails, it may be due to the group's permission settings.

    • To correct this, ask your G Suite Admin to change the group's permissions to Post: Anyone on the web. For more information about how to manage G Suite Groups, see Google's help documentation


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