Managing Your Subscription

Disabling your Organization will suspend any invoicing for your Shortcut account, so you won't be charged unless you choose to re-enable it. When you disable your Organization, we keep everything as you left it. If you have 10 users or less and want to switch to the Free Plan, you'll need to manually adjust that in your Billing Settings.

To cancel or pause your Shortcut subscription
  1. You must be an Owner of the Organization.
  2. Disable your Organization via the Manage Organization and Workspaces page.

Disabling your Organization only suspends your Shortcut account, it does not remove your payment information. Contact our Support team if you'd like to remove payment information from your account.

Please note:

  • If your Organization is currently on a Legacy plan, pausing or canceling your Shortcut subscription will also result in loss of access to Legacy pricing and entitlements. A prompt in app will notify you of this prior to completing the Disabling an Organization process.
  • Please see our pricing page for more information regarding the current pricing and entitlements structure or contact Shortcut support with further questions.
To re-enable your Shortcut subscription
  1. You must be an Owner of the Organization
  2. Re-enable your Organization via the Manage Organization and Workspaces page.

If your Organization was disabled due to a billing issue (or if you previously requested that your payment information be removed), you may need to update your payment information before you can re-enable it.

To update your payment information
  1. Log into your Shortcut account and go to the Manage Organization and Workspaces Dashboard (click on your company's logo in the upper left corner, then click on View All Workspaces). Once there, click on Manage Organization and Workspaces.
  2. Click on the Manage Billing button in the upper right corner (next to the Enable/Disable Organization button).
  3. Go to the Card tab in the Billing menu, and update your payment information. When you're done, click on the Update Card and Re-Enable button.

Once your Organization has been re-enabled, you'll be invoiced according to the subscription you've selected in the Billing menu, and receive a copy of the invoice by email.

You'll also be able to go back into your Workspaces and resume your work, as we keep your Shortcut exactly as you left it.

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