Figma Integration

The Shortcut Figma integration requires no set up - it should work out of the box with any Figma account.

The Figma integration will turn any link to a Figma file within any markdown text field in Shortcut into an embedded live preview. Additionally, Figma URL's added to the External Ticket field of any Shortcut Story will appear as Figma branded links in their own section of the Story.


Our current Figma integration does not support prototype links.

Additonally, although the Integration does technically support private links, Figma does not allow embeds to be displayed if the link is private. They must remain public in order to embed.

Please see the Authentication section for reference:

Using the Figma Integration in Text Fields:

1. Select any Figma URL

2. Copy/paste it into any of these text fields in Shortcut:

  • Story description and/or comment
  • Epic description and/or comment
  • Objective description
  • Iteration description
  • Project description 

3. Preview or save your change - your Figma URL will include an embedded preview of the linked design:


Adding Figma URL's to External Ticket Fields:

1. Select any Figma URL

2. Copy/Paste it into the External Ticket field of a Story 

3. All Figma URL's will appear grouped together in the External Tickets section of a Story, with Figma branding:





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