The Roadmap makes planning, visualizing, and communicating work across your organization even easier. Keep your team ahead of blockers, and collaborate on the best course of execution while managing expectations with an easily digestible big-picture look at everything going on.

With the Roadmap View, we allow multiple Epics to be planned simultaneously. The Roadmap view is a visual representation (via a Gantt chart) of multiple Epics in a given year. You can also see Milestones alongside Epics, to connect your short-term efforts to long-term business goals.

  • Please note that in order for Epics and Milestones to show up on your Roadmap, they must have start and end dates. 

The Roadmap feature can be accessed via the left sidebar navigation by selecting the Roadmap symbol however this feature is only available to Organizations subscribed to a paid plan.                                                                                           


Basic and Advanced Roadmap

The Basic Roadmap is included with the Team plan and displays Epics only.


The Advanced Roadmap is included with Business and Enterprise plans along with customized display options (e.g. Exporting Roadmap views).


You can view the entities on the Roadmap across 3 types of ranges:

  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Quarters

If the Organization is subscribed to a Business or Enterprise plan, the Display options will show. Those options cover:

  • Show or Hide Milestones
  • Show or Hide Dates
  • Expand or Collapse all Milestones (this will allow users to quickly show or hide the Epics within Milestones)
  • Presentation Mode
  • Export as a PNG file for easy sharing.

Clicking the Export as PNG option will provide you with a date range selector and a preview of said roadmap. The preview will match the current View settings (i.e. Weeks, Months or Quarters).

  • Epic Priority

    Currently, Epics are ordered in the Roadmap by Priority. Highest is top priority, while bottom is lowest priority. While in the Roadmap view, interactivity of Epics is at your disposal. You can drag-and-drop Epics above one another to designate their priority in the Roadmap.




    Changing Epic dates

    Besides changing their priority, Epics can have their Start and End date changed via simple drag and drop. Simply hover over the edge of an Epic's box in the Roadmap, and drag across accordingly. You can also drag the body of an Epic to change both its Start and End date at once.


  • Milestones Grouping

    By default, the Roadmap page will show Epics ordered by priority. However, these can be grouped by their corresponding Milestones to get a better high-level overview of your organization's initiatives. You can view this by clicking on the Display dropdown > selecting Show Milestones. You may also choose to show or collapse all milestone by default from this drop down. MilestoneGroupingOnRoadmap.gif

Share your Roadmap View 

Filter a version of the Roadmap and share the URL so others can view it with the same filter parameters to ensure all of your stakeholders have access to your product roadmap. Simply add your filters, and then copy or bookmark the URL from your browser for easier access. The filtered view will persist when that URL is pasted into a browser URL address bar.

  • Please note that in order to view the live Roadmap in Shortcut via a URL address, an individual must be an active member of the associated Workspace.

Roadmap Filters 

Utilize these filters to customize your Roadmap views







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