Stories are the standard unit of work in Shortcut. Stories are where collaboration and documentation for said unit of work happens.

There are several options at your disposal to take actions with stories. These actions allow you to work with stories to increase collaboration, organization and visibility of the work that matters to your team. Stories can be shared, archived, and even edited in bulk. We'll go over these actions below.


Sharing Stories

By default, all Stories have unique IDs. These IDs allow you to link to specific Stories using URLs.


In addition to URLs, the story dialog also supports linking to individual stories using ch123 or #123.


This turns into...


You can also send URLs to specific stories by grabbing the permanent link in the upper right-hand corner of the expanded story, or by copying and pasting the URL in the address bar of your browser.

Editing (and Bulk Editing) Stories

Editing a story is as simple as clicking on the content or button you wish to change. This section, however, will focus on the process to edit multiple stories in bulk. You can start the process to bulk edit stories in 2 ways:

1. Go to the Stories Page and hover over the Story card you want to edit and click on the checkbox that appears in the upper right corner. Select as many Stories as you want.

An Edit # Stories button should appear in the upper left corner (next to the Shortcut icon):



2. Navigate within a specific section (Project, Epic, Label, or Iteration) of Shortcut and select stories from the Table view.

For example, if you wish to bulk edit all of the stories with a particular label, you'd navigate to that label's page, and select multiple (or all) stories via the check box in the left-hand corner of the table. Regardless of which section you're in, the stories table view is the same across Shortcut:




After selecting the stories you wish via either of the 2 aforementioned ways, you will now be prompted to change their details. Make your new selection(s), and click Update # Stories:




Navigating Stories



You can navigate through Stories in Shortcut using the Next and Previous arrows. Next/Previous Navigation works in slightly different ways on different pages:

On the Stories page: when you open a Story, the arrows will toggle you up and down the currently visible Stories in the corresponding workflow state column.


To keep the UI fast, Shortcut only loads the first 30 stories of each workflow state in the stories page at a time. If you have more than 30 stories in state column, arrow navigation will take you up until the 30th story unless you scroll down the state to load the rest.

On the Epic page: the arrows will move you up and down all the Stories in that Epic.

On the Status page: the arrows will move you through the Stories for the selected team member.

On your Dashboard: the arrows will take you through your current stories.


Duplicate a Story

If you want to copy the information in an existing Story into a new Story, click on the Story Actions menu (found in the ellipsis menu in the upper right of the Story dialogue) and then select Duplicate Story.


A new Story draft will open with copied fields and Tasks, but not files or comments. You can make edits as needed and then press Save Story.

Archiving or Unarchiving Stories

Archiving in Shortcut can be used to archive uncompleted or duplicate Stories, and you can archive Stories one at a time or in bulk.


Archived stories are not included within any Reports.

Archiving a Single Story

To archive just one Story, click on the ellipsis icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Story card and select Archive Story. 


Your Story will be instantly sent to the archives. Once your Story is archived, only then can it be permanently deleted via the red "Delete" button that will appear on the Story.

Archived Stories can be accessed using their individual permalink or by searching in the Search Stories input field.

Unarchiving a Story

To unarchive a story, simply click the Unarchive button shown in the banner at the top of the story.


Archiving Multiple Stories

First, hover over the Story card you want to archive and click on the checkbox that appears in the upper right corner. Select as many Stories as you want.

Then, click on the Edit Stories button in the upper left (next to the Shortcut icon):


Now click on the Archived field towards the bottom of the drop-down menu.


Select Yes.


Click Update # stories.


Your Stories will be sent to the archives, and you'll see a green success message in the bottom right of Shortcut.


Deleting a Story

In order to delete a single Story, you can click into the card. Drop into the card's menu by clicking on the ellipsis icon and then selecting Archive from the Menu. Once archived, the Story will present a button giving you the option to delete it. 


You can also use the bulk delete instructions to delete one or more Stories. 

To bulk archive & delete Stories

The Edit Multiple feature allows you to quickly delete several Stories by following these steps:

First, hover over the Story card you want to archive and click on the checkbox that appears in the upper right corner. Select as many Stories as you want.

Then, click on the Edit Stories button in the upper left (next to the Shortcut icon):



Once in the Edit Multiple menu, click on the More Options menu in the lower right corner of the drop-down menu, and select Archive & delete # stories:


If the Stories you've selected are already archived, the menu will say Delete # Stories instead:


If the Stories are not yet archived, you will be prompted to archive first. Click Archive # stories.



Once Stories are archived (or if they already were), you will be prompted to delete Stories. Click Delete # Stories



You'll again be prompted by a browser dialogue for a final confirmation that you want the Stories to be deleted. Click Ok if you wish to proceed.