New User Learning Path

Welcome to Shortcut! We’re confident we’re the best tool out there for collaboration and project management, and we believe once you get settled in that you’ll feel the same way. This learning path is designed to get you using and loving Shortcut in no time. Learn the basics and best practices in less than 10 minutes with these 4 short videos: Create and Organize Your Work, Manage Your Work, Collaborate with Your Squad, and Work Faster in Shortcut.

Create and Organize Your Work

This video gives an overview of how to create work in Shortcut and covers the core features and how to best use them. Great for new users wanting to know how to get started. Learn about Stories, Milestones, Epics, Roadmap, and Activity Feed.

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Manage Your Work

This video covers how to manage and stay on top of your work and get the most out of Shortcut. However your squad works, there is a way to stay organized in Shortcut. Learn about Home, Spaces, Stories Page and Iterations. 

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Collaborate with Your Squad

This video is about how to best collaborate with your squad and across your organization in Shortcut. Learn about Teams, commenting and the Slack Integration.

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Work Faster in Shortcut

This video gives you time saving tips you will be so glad you know! Learn about Power Bar, Search, Recent, Activity, Spaces, and VCS Integrations.

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Keep Learning

Shortcut Setup Guide: Admins and Owners - This learning path gives a step-by-step for Admins and Owners that are setting up or managing Shortcut. 

Manager and Team Lead Learning Path - This learning path is designed to make Managers and Team Leads successful in Shortcut. Learn how to empower your team and get the most out of Shortcut.


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