Shortcut Setup Guide: Owners and Admins

Welcome to the Shortcut Setup Guide. This step-by-step guide takes you through each stage of the setup process for Shortcut. It covers the basics but also gives clear guidance on how to set up Shortcut best for your team and company structure. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Understand the Shortcut basics

Let’s start with the basic features of Shortcut and how your team should use them to be successful now and as your team scales.

Step 2: Site setup

Site setup is key to a successful Shortcut rollout. This section will prepare you to manage users, set up your Workspace, build Teams and Workflows, and import data from your past tool.

 Teams & Workflows

Teams and Workflows are the foundation organization in Shortcut. Learn best practices for Team setup and how to customize your Workflows to fit the needs of your Teams and Epics. 

Import Content 

Most of you are transitioning from another tool over to Shortcut. Taking your work with you is important and our custom made import functionality will make that and easy process. 

  • Importing and Exporting Shortcut Data- An overview of what you need to know about the import process as well as specific instructions for importing from Jira, Trello, and using the API.

User Roles & Inviting Users

In Shortcut there are multiple user roles, and understanding these roles are key as you add users and manage the details or your Workspace. 

Workspace Overview

Whether you have one or many Workspaces, this section covers how to set up and manage your Workspaces.

Step 3: Connect your work with integrations

Increase efficiency by connecting your apps and tools to Shortcut. This covers what integrations exist and best practices around set up

Step 4: Train the team

Training sets everyone up for success. Ensure everyone at your organization knows how to quickly get started in Shortcut with our User and Team Lead training resources.


Leading a team



Ongoing Resources

We are here to help as you get started with Shortcut and throughout your Shortcut journey. Check out these resources to keep learning.

  • Help Center (you’re on it right now!)- Find support articles and reach out to our Support Team.
  • Sample Workspace- This Workspace allows you to learn and explore Shortcut
  • Webinars & Training- Join our webinars and watch past sessions for in depth learning and best practices
  • Shortcut Blog- Stay up to date with what’s happening at Shortcut.
  • Shortcut Community- Want to be notified when we add new courses and swap best practices with other Shortcut users? Join the Shortcut Community!

Keep Learning

New User Learning Path - This learning path is perfect for anyone getting started with Shortcut. Learn the basics and best practices with these learning videos. 

Manager and Team Lead Learning Path - This learning path is designed to make Managers and Team Leads successful in Shortcut. Learn how to empower your team and get the most out of Shortcut.


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