The Individual Milestone Page


Milestones are collections of Epics, which in turn are collections of Stories. You can access the Milestones Page by selecting "Milestones" in the Shortcut sidebar menu. Once there, you can start a new Milestone by clicking on the "Create Milestone" button in the upper left.

Visiting an individual Milestone’s page provides quick stats about the state of the Milestone and how it is progressing. It offers a table of all Epics in the Milestone as well as the Milestone's start and end dates, Labels, number of Stories and Points. From the Milestone page you can also edit the Milestone title and description and delete the Milestone itself


Add Epics to Milestone
Click into the individual Milestone and select Epics from the drop-down. You can only select one new Epic at a time to add and Epics can be removed by de-selecting them in the list.
Set Milestone Start and End Dates
Define when a Milestone started or should start by clicking on the individual Milestone name and then clicking on the Start button. You can do the same with End Dates.
Create, Edit or Delete Milestone Categories
Milestone Categories allow you to group Milestones together thematically, and filter by Category on the Milestones page.


Adding Milestones Categories

To create a new Category, first click on the click on the Add Categories button and click the Manage Categories option in the dropdown.


Then click the Add Category button, then name your new Category and click Create Category.

Editing or Deleting Milestone Categories

To edit a Milestone Category, first click on the click on the Categories Dropdown and click the Manage Categories option.


Then click on the pencil icon next to the Category name. To delete a Milestone Category, click on the trash can icon (note that you can only delete a Category if all Milestones have been removed from it).



Linking to a Doc
  1. Open the Milestone you wish to link.
  2. Click the "Link Doc to Milestone" option.
  3. Search for the Doc you would like to link
  4. Choose the Doc and it will be added as relationship on the Milestone detail page
      • Note: Linking from an Milestone will create a Relationship in the Doc as well.




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