External Links and the Shortcut API


Find Externally Linked Stories using the Shortcut API

We're happy to announce that a new public endpoint was created: GET api/v3/external-link/stories. If you provide an external_link parameter, this endpoint will return all story-public-ids that have this external link.

Use this endpoint to stay organized. You can find the Stories with a specific External Link. An example of how useful this can be: use it to find all the Stories that are linked to a particular Zendesk ticket, helping you identify duplicate issues across multiple Stories. 

Update the External Links of a Shortcut Story

You can now add/remove external_links on stories via PUT api/v3/stories/{story-public-id} with the external_links parameter. 

Please keep the following things in mind: 

  • These are set based operations. In order to add a new link, the payload must contain all existing links plus the new link. 
  • Remove one or more links by omitting only those links from the external_links parameter.
  • Remove all links by providing an empty array to external_links .

Want some ideas on how to use the Shortcut API? Check out this webinar to learn how Francesco Crippa, VP of Engineering at Rollbar, uses our API to build a custom Cycle Time Report.



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