Managing your Teams

How to view all Teams

Select the ellipsis next to Teams to open the Teams dropdown and select the "Go to Teams Directory" option. You can also reach the Teams Directory by navigating to your Settings in the bottom left and selecting Teams under Workspace Features. Quickly access the Teams directory in Settings > Teams.

The Teams page will display a list of the Teams you are a member of at the top. Underneath will be a comprehensive list of all Teams within your Workspace.




How to Create a Team

Users can create a Team in Shortcut via two methods:

  • Navigate to the Teams page via Settings > within the Workspace Features section.
    • From here, select the blue Create Team button in the upper left of the UI.

  • From anywhere in the UI, select the dropdown next to "Create [Story, Doc, Epic, etc.]" and select "Create Team".

The number of Teams that can be created is dependent on the subscription that is chosen

Plan Free Team Business Enterprise
Teams Available  1 up to 5 Unlimited Unlimited


For either method, the Create Team modal will open where you can:

  • Add the Team name
  • Add the @-mention name
  • Write a description
  • Select multiple Team members by selecting each user
    • Note: One user can be a member of multiple Teams.
  • Add a Team profile icon which will help easily visualize the Team across various entities within Shortcut.

When ready, click Create Team and you're done! 


We recommend creating Teams in Shortcut based on the primary way your Organization groups its people and work. A Team is a group of people that collaborate on work towards a common objective. Teams often have a Roadmap, KPIs, Iterations, Ownership over specific features, or common rituals such as stand-ups and retros. 


How to update a Team

While inside a Team detail page, you may change/update its name, @mention handle, description, and members.



How To Archive a Team:

This can be achieved from an individual Team detail page. Look for the (...) Team Actions button in the upper right of the page and select "Archive Team". Once selected, you'll be asked to confirm.

How to Unarchive a Team:

To find an Archived Team that you wish to Unarchive, you first will need to toggle "Show Archived" on the Teams Page. Find and select the Archived Team you wish to Unarchive and open the individual Team detail page. Select the "Unarchive" button to Unarchive the Team.


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