Teams in Shortcut

Teams Structure

A Team represents a cross-functional squad, or any other group of users who work on projects together, or in Shortcut terms, users that collectively own Stories, Epics, and Iterations. Think of Teams as the key to unlocking collaboration in Shortcut. Use Teams to organize and measure your work according to the same development teams/squads/pods you already have within your company. This functionality gives your organization the structure to organize with the flexibility to customize to fit how your work.



Teams empower every Organization to represent people, work, and process more effectively so they can be collaborative and be productive. At the core of any software organization, Teams are what make great products successful. Teams in Shortcut represent the teams (or squads) you already have and that makes Teams easy to set up and to use.

  • Organize Users into Teams
  • Assign Stories to Teams across Workflow
  • Assign Epics to a Team
  • Assign Iterations to a Team
  • View a Team's Roadmap
  • Quickly find work relevant to your Team


Free plan accounts only have access to one (1) Team for the entire workspace. For additional access, please consider upgrading to a paid plan.


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