Assigning Stories, Epics, and Iterations to Teams


As a first class entity, Teams can be associated to Stories, Epics and Iterations in Shortcut.



How to assign a Story to a Team

While a Story dialog is open, you may select the the appropriate Team via the dropdown in the upper right hand corner. When you assign a Story to a Team, each dropdown within an Epic, Iteration and Owner will be prioritized based on the Team:


How to assign an Epic to a Team



Similar to stories, Epics can be assigned to a Team. Simply navigate to that Epic's detail page and select the correct team from the right hand side panel. Stories within an Epic inherit that Epic's currently assigned Team by default. However, you can still associate Stories within this Epic to a different Team if needed. This cross-Team relationship is highlighted by Shortcut via the exclamation icon on the Story's dialog as well as the Story table within the Epic:



How to assign an Iteration to a Team
You can assign a Team to an Iterations within the Iterations detail page. Once you are within an Iteration, simply select the appropriate Team from the right hand side panel. Any Teams you're currently a member of will be prioritized in the drop down.


All entities can only be associated directly with one Team (i.e. Two Teams cannot be added onto the same Story, Epic, or Iteration).



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