Plans & Pricing (June 2021)


Since launching Shortcut in 2014, we have been committed to delivering a high-quality product to enable software teams to do their best work at scale. During this period, we’ve expanded our offering with 50+ features and introduced a free plan that supports thousands of small developers.  

With our new plans & pricing, you'll see a change to the current Free Plan, and the addition of new plan tiers and feature sets. Below we've created a list of FAQs and important information to help you with this transition. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to Support.

High Level Information:

  • Shortcut is adjusting the Free plan, and phasing out the Standard plan
  • Two new plans are being introduced, Team and Business
  • The Enterprise Plan is not changing
  • Transition discounts are available to current customers on all plans
  • The Free Plan will continue to be available with 10 or less users
  • Shortcut will continue to have annual and monthly subscription options for the new plans

Shortcut Plans

Free Team Business Enterprise
Everything a small team needs to ship quickly and joyfully. Enable multiple software teams to organize and build in a collaborative way. Everything modern software organizations need to plan, build, and measure work. Enables mature product-led orgs to scale.


Monthly- $10 per seat

Annual- $8.50 per seat

Monthly- $16 per seat

Annual- $12 per seat

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  • Manage all ongoing work in Stories
  • Plan Sprints using Iterations
  • Get tailored reports for quick insights
  • Filter and view Kanban views

Everything in Free, plus:

  • See progress on a Roadmap
  • Customize multiple Workflows
  • Organize work by cross-functional teams
  • Run multiple Iterations for Sprint planning
  • Leverage advanced integrations to connect Shortcut with other tools
Everything in Team, plus:
  • Organize complex projects w/ Milestones
  • Easily track plans w/ an expanded Roadmap
  • Get detailed insights with advanced reports
  • Use Teams to organize work and process as you scale
  • Access multiple Workspaces for sandboxing and testing support
  • Get priority support and help with migration
Everything in Business, plus:
  • Scale your org w/ unlimited everything
  • Get help w/ onboarding, training, and other questions from a dedicated CSM
  • Additional priority support beyond that
  • Predictable pricing with volume discounts
  • SSO, SAML, Okta, OneLogin, Azure, and more admin options


Plan Comparison w/ Full Feature List

Core_Features.pngAdvanced_Features.png Integrations.pngpricing4.png

I am on the Free plan. What does this mean for my organization?

As part of this change in plans and pricing, limits are being introduced to available volume of certain features within Shortcut. The new volume-based limits for organization on the Free plan are as follows:

    • Workspaces: 1 Workspace Limit
    • Team & Workflows: 1 Team and 1 Workflow Limit
  • Access will be lost to:
    • Milestones​
    • The Reports Page
    • Advanced Integrations (Zendesk, Zapier, Sentry, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Box)

As an existing customer on the Free Plan you will be able to maintain access to any volume-based features (Workspaces, Teams & Workflows) that you already have, but you will not be able to go further over these limits.


Upgrading before June 14th, 2021 will lock in our current Legacy Plan pricing and transition you to the Legacy Plan.


I am on the Legacy plan. What does this mean for my organization?

Existing customers on the Legacy plan will automatically be transitioned to the Legacy Plan at their current rate

On the Legacy Plan, customers will keep full access to existing features, as they do today. This means:

  • Access to all existing features
  • Unlimited number of Workspaces
  • Unlimited Workflows and Teams
  • Access to Shortcut Labs

The Legacy Plan is not equivalent to any of our new plans. It is an entirely unique plan that allows full continued usage at your current rate, and does not take into account any volume-based or plan-specific features. Any changes down the road will be fully communicated with ample time to make adjustments.

What will the transition discounts be?

After June 14th, customers who were on the Free Plan prior to June 14th will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Team and Business Plans at a transition discount of 25% for 6 months. Account Owners and Admins will receive more information once the new plans have released, so keep an eye on your email!

Existing customers on the Legacy plan (and anyone who upgrades to Legacy before June 14th, 2021) will automatically be transitioned to the Legacy Plan at their current rate and this will lock in access to existing features, as they do today.


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