Fields FAQ

Who will have access to Fields?

All plans will have access to the following Fields:

  • Technical Area
  • Skill Set
  • Product Area
  • Severity 
  • Priority
Who will have access to Custom Fields?

Team, Business, and Enterprise customers will have access to Custom Fields. There will be different limits for the different plans - more details will be shared when Custom Fields are released.

Free and Legacy Standard customers will not have access to Custom Fields

What is the difference between Fields and Custom Fields?

Fields are Shortcut defined. And although the Fields themselves cannot be renamed, the values can be. Fields have been initially developed to help our customers move away from Projects.

Custom Fields will allow you to define Fields names and values to fit your process.

Both will be limited to single-select drop-downs for their initial releases.

How are Fields different than Labels?
  • Fields help you establish a more structured process in your Workspace. Because Fields and their values are controlled by your Admin - there is more structure to Fields over Labels.
  • Labels are great because anyone in your Organization can create them, but they lack the structure of Fields. You should use Labels as a lightweight but unstructured way to organize your work.