Shortcut Docs allows for free form documentation, ideation, and collaboration in an easy-to-use document editor. 

You can use Docs to house any internal documentation that you would like to share or reference anywhere in Shortcut. Here are a few ways our team uses Docs: 

  • Creating a simple, clean list of action items

  • Housing release notes

  • Sharing meeting minutes

  • Drafting marketing and blog posts

  • Planning Team goals in a living, collaborative document

Check out the Getting Started with Docs video for a quick overview.

Docs Menu

The Docs Menu found on the left-hand side of the page allows you to navigate between your personal collection of docs and docs publicly available throughout the Workspace.

Docs Menu Walkthrough


Recently viewed Docs.
My Docs  
Docs that you've created.
All Docs  
Docs that are publicly available in the Workspace.
Docs that you've added as "Following".
New commments in these Docs generate email notifications.
A labeled group that Docs can be added to (similar to how an Epic houses Stories).

Doc Permissions

  What is Doc Permissions?

Do you have sensitive information that you want to restrict access to? Well now you can in Docs! Doc Owners can choose to assign Doc Access by selecting the dropdown menu at the top-right of the page. Choose between Workspace-wide, Shared (with specific teammates), or Private (only visible to you).

Docs Permissions Walkthrough


The Blocks Toolbar

Check out the versatility of blocks! You can add customized lists, quotes, tables, multimedia, and code blocks. Simply select the icon  (Edit Block) to get started!

Blocks Walkthrough


Heading Styles  
Make your text more visible by adding heading styles (1-3).
Choose between bulleted, numbered, or to-do lists.


Threaded lists can be created by selecting Enter to create a new list line and then Tab to create a sublist.

Block Quote  
Highlight text as a quote to make it more visible.
Horizontal Line  
Add a horizontal line in the Doc to segment or section text.
Code Block  
Add a codeblock by choosing between different markup/programming languages.
Add a table with customized rows and columns.
Add an image from your device or embed a video by entering its URL.
Formatting Text Walkthrough

Looking to format your text, create a Story, or add a comment? Simply start by highlighting some text.


Text Style  
You can add bold, italic, and strikethrough formatting to your text.
Add highlighting to your text using one of four colors.
Create Story  
Open a Story Modal containing the highlighted text as the Story Title.
Add a URL to the highlighted text to format it as a hyperlink.
Wrap the text in code formatting.
Add a comment to the Doc referencing the highlighted text.


Mention a teammate in a comment by entering  and selecting their name.

Doc Actions

Look for themceclip0.pngsymbol. This menu is accessible from within the Doc in the upper right and from the Docs Menu options (e.g. Recent, My Docs, All Docs, and Following).

Doc Actions Walkthrough
Follow Copy URL Link Archive Delete
Allows a user to Follow a Doc they would like to quickly find and reference. If you Follow a Doc, you would also receive a notification if a comment was added, even if you’re not @ mentioned



Doc Relationships

There are two types of Relationships for Docs:

Mentioned Related
  • Mentions are a one-way street; they occur when a URL link to a Story, Epic, Doc, Iteration or Milestone is pasted directly into the Doc. The entity mentioned will not show a link to the Doc from that entity's page.
    • Mentioned relationships are listed in the right Relationship sidebar under "Mentioned".
  • Relationships are a two-way street; the link is shown from both the Doc and the entity being linked. Creating a relationship can be done within the Doc for only a Story, Epic, or another Doc either from the sidebar or via the "/" keyboard shortcut.
    • A relationship for a Story, Epic, Doc, Milestone, and Iteration can also be established from each of those individual entities' pages.
Mentioning and Relating Walkthrough
Adding Mentions Adding Relationships
Simply Copy and Paste a direct URL link into a Doc. The mentioned Story, Epic, Doc, Milestone, Iteration, Label, or Project is shown as a badge on the Doc, as follows:


The Roadmap, Team detail, and Reports pages cannot be mentioned at this time.



To quickly insert a Shortcut link for a Story, Epic or Doc, you can also utilize the keyboard shortcut "/"  - which will populate the search bar right on the Doc. Once added, the mentioned Story, Epic, or Doc will be reflected in the Doc Relationships sidebar.