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Welcome to Docs Templates! These templates are designed to help you easily get started in Shortcut Docs. You can navigate to Doc Templates by selecting the Templates option in the Docs Menu on the left-hand sidebar.

When you are ready to get started, select the template you want to try to quickly open a new Doc Template.

  • Use this Product Requirements Doc (PRDs) template to define the requirements of a particular product, including the product's purpose, features, functionality, and behavior. Use this as a guide for business and technical teams to help build, launch, or market the product.
  • Use this template to take notes for your 1:1 meeting with your manager or teammates. Docs default to being shared with your workspace but you can update to private or share with individual teammates for 1:1 docs.
  • An Architecture Decision record (ADR) captures an important architectural decision made along with its context and consequences.
  • The purpose of a postmortem is to share things we learned from the incident and help us get better. Psychological safety is critical for improvement. We keep postmortems blameless to focus on systems and processes, not human error.
  • Use the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) template document to outline goals, success metrics, key value props, marketing, and release plan of a feature or project.
  • Use the OKR template to help your team set and track measurable goals.
  • Use the Project kickoff to ensure your team understands the project’s vision, mission, and strategy.
  • Whether your team runs Sprints (or some version of them) use this Sprint/Iteration Planning template to set goals, plan team capacity, and set your team up for success. For the purpose of this template, we are using Sprints and Iterations interchangeably.
  • Use this Squad Daily Standup with your team to help your team uncover and coordinate interdependencies, and bring visibility to what you are working on as a team. Standups can be run synchronously during a meeting or asynchronously via a Doc.


    Tip: Try filtering the Stories Page by each user, Team, or Iteration. You can also navigate to the Status Page for an alternative view of each user's assigned work.

  • A Technical Design Document lets an engineering team define, evaluate, and iterate on a solution when it's cheapest: before implementing it. This shares knowledge within the engineering team and can be the basis for future documentation.


Can I add new templates?
Unfortunately not, Doc Templates are pre-made, structured guides. But if you have a suggestion about a template that should be added, please feel free to contact us here!
Can I modify the templates?
You can modify a copy of the template, but the original template cannot be modified.
How can Doc Templates help me with my current workflow?
Great question! Feel free to check out our training hub where we wrote about best practices with Doc Templates here.


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