Tips for Onboarding New Team Members in Clubhouse

The first few days of a new job can be a dizzying amount of work, not only for the new employee but also for the person or people onboarding this new teammate. Everybody on the team wants to quickly get the new person up to speed with what happened before they got there and familiarize them with team tools and the unique way that your team uses them. Understanding how stressful this can be (hey, we've been there) we've created this new user FAQ to help you get those newbies speedily (but safely!) nestled into your Clubhouse.


Welcome! By now, you will have received and responded to your Clubhouse invite. Here are a few other things to setup and know in order to get going in Clubhouse. 


Should I use 2FA? 

Clubhouse strongly recommends turning on two-factor authentication. You can do so in Settings -> Your Profile -> Two Factor Authentication. 

Which Workflow/Project(s) should I be working on? 

A Project represents a distinct functional area (e.g. Backend or Frontend). Every Story must be associated with just one Project. A Workflow is a group of Projects with a distinct workflow (e.g. Engineering). In this example, the Workflow called 'Engineering' encompasses both Frontend and Backend projects. 

When and how can I be notified of changes in Clubhouse?

In addition to the in-app Activity Feed and any Slack channel integrations, Clubhouse offers a few different ways to receive notifications of changes to the Stories and Projects you follow, you can update your preferences here.

Do I need to link any GitHub repos? 

In order to use a new GitHub repo, you will need to add it (instructions here). You may also want to associate your primary GitHub email address with your Clubhouse account by adding that email address here

Does Clubhouse have an API? 

You can find Clubhouse API documents here.

Where can I find out what's already been worked on or suggested? 

While old Stories in Clubhouse are often not immediately visible in the Stories UI, completed Stories as well as non-completed Archived Stories can all be surfaced in the Search area. Before adding a new Story, you might want to check with teammates and look around Clubhouse to see if it was already worked on (or attempted) by your team in the past! 

Talking Over *Your* Clubhouse 

(This section focuses on areas that can vary greatly from organization to organization, so we suggest that they be documented in your team's onboarding docs and discussed with the new teammate.) 

  • What's our workflow and what does each state mean?
  • What estimate scale do we use (if any)? 
  • Who (if anyone) sets due dates?
  • When/how should I create a Story? 
  • Who should I add as a Follower to any new Stories?
  • Where should I discuss Stories or Epics? 
  • Does our team use Epics or Milestones?


While this is by no means an exhaustive list of questions, but we hope it will help you get new teammates started and well-integrated into your team's Clubhouse. If you think we left anything out, please let us know!


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