Answered Is there a way to set up recurring stories?

Our company is enjoying clubhouse for its features so far!

The only thing we can't seem to find is a way to have stories be created automatically (or recurring) on a weekly - monthly or yearly basis for example.
We were wandering if such a feature existed, my searches so far have not been succesful.
The idea of Kanban in essence is to wrap things up I suppose, but it would be neat if you could make recurring (automatically) stories in some way.

Have I missed some information?
I'm currious to hear from others on how they handle recurring tasks in their company :)
(apology for my spelling, not a native speaker)

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    Hi Robin! Jane from Clubhouse here, happy to help. Recurring Stories is a popular feature request that we'll be happy to add your +1 to as we continue to track interest internally. We love the idea and think it could really improve the productivity of teams just like yours and I hope to see this functionality added one day in the future. 

    An interesting workaround to consider would be using Zapier to set up and create recurring Stories (with or without Tasks). This can be done by pairing the Clubhouse app to your calendar app via Zapier to set up a recurring event that triggers a new Story to be created within your Clubhouse. You could even use this format to then convert the Story into an Epic (and the Tasks into Stories) - which is a second feature request we hear. 

    If you have engineering time available on your team, you could also use our API to create recurring information within Clubhouse.

    I hope that's helpful. Thanks for sharing this with us, and have a fantastic time getting recurring Stories set up!

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    We're interested in this as well!

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    Here is my work around for it, not perfect will functionally works:

    1. Assuming you use Google Calendar (or other Zapier enabled calendar) create repeating calendar event. I created "Club Cron" to repeat every Monday at 6:00am
    2. Go to Zapier and create a new Zap. The Zap will be from Calendar to Clubhouse.
    3. For the first application choose Google Calendar. Set the trigger to be "Event Start" and click 'Continue"
    4. Customise the event by selecting your Calendar, you can alter the trigger times but I use a free account so I left the trigger time to 15 minutes. Now in the Search Term section type "Club Cron". This should make the Zap trigger every Monday at 6:00am when the calendar event starts.
    5. Now define the story you want created. You may need to add API key details from Clubhouse. The Name here will be the Story Name, you can select the Project, Epic, Story Type and add a description.
    6. Test, Save and Turn On.

    Hopefully that helps. I was not able to see how to automate creating Projects, Epics, or Iterations. If I work that out I'll add to the comments as I think that could work well for automating some aspects of Clubhouse.

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    Another workaround for recurring tasks is here:

    The approach:

    1. Create a unique label and story template for each desired time period (i.e. Monday_9AM)

    2. Run " Monday_9AM" under cron at the desired time(s). This will create a story for each template that has the matching label.


    I'm just running this on a small test sample at this time, but it is working correctly. I presume that I'll need to add some sequencing logic when I have a full data set.



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    Would be nice to have!

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    Would be very useful for us too.

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    For us as well.


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