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Okay, in our GitHub organization, we have Clubhouse installed with access to all repositories. We have several Clubhouse workspaces set up with this, and the integration has been working great with all of them.

This week, we created two new workspaces, and for some reason, they won't link up. When I open the GitHub integration modal, I get the basic info with the Add Account button. When I click that button, it takes me to GitHub, and GitHub asks me where I want to install it. I select the correct organization, and that takes me to the installed GitHub apps page for Clubhouse, where it shows that it's already installed.

Now, I was able to work around this by uninstalling the GitHub app and then reinstalling it going through the Add Account button for my new workspace, but that destroys the event handlers for all existing integrations, and it also puts the integration modal for those workspaces into the "authorize by June 1" view.

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    Hi Alex!


    Our new GitHub integration does not yet support multiple workspaces, due to the nature of the integration. Our older integration relied entirely on webbooks which by extension supported multiple workspaces, but our new  integration is app-based. Support for multiple workspace is coming, and should arrive before the end of this month. We'll be sure to update the integration notice when that's the case.


    I'll close this and move this conversation over to Zendesk. We should be able to temporarily enable the older integration for those workspaces for the time being.🙂


    In general, for a faster response, I recommend sending support queries to - the forum is often checked by the team, but naturally not as frequently as our standard support channels.


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